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  • AlbaRhythm is slowly moving forward. It all started years ago when I started teaching, now it's grown arms and legs and is turning into a massive online platform to learn, and share your experiences. Here's what I've been up to recently: Lessons I am currently finishing off the phrases in level three. Once these are done, it's straight to the drum scores to finish off the whole level. Levels one and two have been proof read and there are a couple of minor changes to make before release. Videos Once the PDF's for level three are finished, I will be recording and editing levels one and two to get the ball rolling. I have recorded a couple of test videos to see how they are going to be structured and I'm pretty happy with the results! Forum I know that you have seen the forum, (you're already here), but I just wanted to tell you what it's all about. The forum is all about engaging with me and the wider world. The art of communication is what makes things happen. You can add videos and get constructive feedback from myself and other drummers on the forum, find a drummer for your band, tell us what your band are doing and much, much more... That's it for now, but keep popping back for more updates!
  • Our seamless mobile solution means your mobile forum is easy to navigate, works just like desktop and looks stunning on every phone. Your visitors can do everything from their phone. Write posts, leave comments, add images, fun emojis, share posts on social, etc.
  • As this website will have many drummers coming and going, it is the best place to look if you're looking for a drummer for your band. It also works the other way round too. If you're a drummer looking for a band, then this is the place to look!

"AlbaRhythm is a platform for drummers to develop their skills, set realistic targets to track their progress and to get involved in the drumming community. "


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