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As explained in level 1, in pipe band drumming we use a very unique version of the ‘Traditional Grip’ compared to other styles of rudimental drumming. This is mostly due to the muscle movements required to switch between very quick rudiments and buzz rolls.

To execute these techniques, there are two main movements used:

  • Wrist Movement

  • Finger Movement

Music Theory

The music theory and understanding chapter is designed to give you a full understanding of how to read and write music, how to count time and how to understand the different types of tunes used in pipe band drumming. These will help with the following areas:

  • Recognising rhythms

  • Understanding time signatures

  • Playing different types of tune

  • Reading music

  • Composing music

New Rudiments

The rudiments that are in levels 1 and 2 are what I like to call the ‘fundamental rudiments’. Whether you are applying them to diff erent types of tune or using them as technique exercises, you will use these rudiments throughout your drumming career more than most. In each level, you will find a section of exercises based on rudiments that you have already learned.


In each level, the rudiments get more intricate and tricky to execute, putting you through your paces as your progress.

Exercises on New Rudiments

To ensure that the new rudiments are developed further, here are some exercises on those rudiments.  They are designed to test your ability and to stretch you a little bit to ensure that you are constantly progressing and developing the correct techniques required to execute them as well as possible.

It is recommended that you practice these exercises as much as possible.  Once you have learned each of the exercises, play each of them several times before moving on to ensure that you develop muscle memory.

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