• From learning how to hold the sticks to learning all about how to shape your hands when playing technical musical phrases, the technique exercises will put you through your paces.

  • The music theory and understanding section teaches you how to read and write music with videos and exercise sheets to help you to practice.

  • Learn the basic sticking patterns used to create more intricate musical phrases. Practice them using the exercises on each rudiment. As you progress through the syllabus, they become more intricate. 

  • The rudiments in levels 1 and 2 are the fundamental rudiments.  In each level you will work on the same rudiments, however, they will become more intricate as you progress through the levels.

  • Combine the rudiments you have learned so far to create short 2 bar long, musical phrases to help shape your hands.

  • Play along with your favourite tunes and put everything you have learned into context with the drum scores. 

"AlbaRhythm is a platform for drummers to develop their skills, set realistic targets to track their progress and to get involved in the drumming community. "


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